Research Problem Statements

The New England Transportation Consortium (NETC), a cooperative effort of the Departments of Transportation and the State Universities of the six New England States, provides a regional approach to developing solutions, through research, to high priority transportation issues common to the New England States.

The Consortium regularly solicits Research Problem Statements from practitioners and researchers to identify critical transportation problems that could benefit from research. Research Problem Statements are not research proposals and there is no right of ownership associated with the Research Problem Statement. 

The Consortium’s Advisory Committee will review the Research Problem Statements and select a limited number that will be developed into Scopes of Work for research projects for which RFPs will be issued.

The Problem Statement(s) should be prepared and submitted according to the specified format and instructions. Each Problem Statement requires two endorsements: one from the Advisory Committee representative of the DOT sponsoring the project and one from the DOT employee who agrees to chair the technical advisory committee, should the Problem Statement be selected for funding. Go to the Advisory Committee link on this website for the list of state and university representatives. Each DOT reviews all Research Problem Statements and submits the final list from their state to the NETC.

DUE DATE FOR SUBMISSION: January 24th, 2020

Electronic submissions only (PDF):

Problem Statement Format


Guidance on how to write an effective research problem statement:

TRB Webinar on Writing Effective Research Problem Statements
TRB Resource: How to Write an Effective Research Statement
TRB Webpage for the Committee Research Coordinators (CRC)


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