September 26, 2017 Advisory Committee meeting

DATE: September 26, 2017
TIME:  11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
LOCATION: Conference Call 1-866-906-7447
Participant Access Code 8626283


State Transportation Agencies
Flavia Pereira-CT A Nicholas Zavolas-MA A Dale Peabody-ME A
Ann Scholz-NH A Colin Franco-RI X  Emily Parkany-VT A
Deane Van Dusen-ME A Joe Segale-VT A
Others (University Representatives, FHWA, NETC Coordinators)
Erick Jackson-UConn A Glenn McRae-NETC A


  1. Maine as Lead State
    Dale reported that this was moving ahead. He will be setting up the NETC as a Pooled Fund with FHWA including getting a 100% waiver letter. When it is set up he will point everyone to it so that each state can make their commitment on the FHWA Pooled Fund web site.Joe pointed out that for a period there is likely to be an overlap of two lead states to allow for the VTrans-UVM contract to close out all the current projects and for the UVM coordination team to support work in the interim. The UVM contract is open through January 2019. When a new coordinator is chosen (UVM or another entity) the new agreement will be negotiated by Maine.Dale asked that a new call be set up for a working meeting of the DOT leads to review and finalize the SOW for a new Coordinator. Ann will set up call.
  2. UVM Staffing for NETC
    Glenn McRae from the UVM TRC reported that Julie Dowds is on formal medical leave, and that intermittent illness over the past month has resulted in a delay in the usual processing of the NETC work load, so no new updates are available.  An administrative team is reviewing the needs of the NETC and will come up with a management plan and discuss this with Joe and Emily. All open projects will be reviewed, PIs and TAC chairs contacted. Updates on all the open projects should be available well ahead of the next NETC call.
  3. Quick Response Project
    In the absence of Julie, Emily and Joe will take on drafting the SOW for the CV/AV quick response project. Joe attended the Tri State (VT, NH, ME) Meeting  last week where solid support for multi-state AV efforts was expressed. Nicolas shared the Mass DOT SOW with UMass Lowell for STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR CONNECTED AND AUTOMATED VEHICLES IN MASSACHUSETTS.  Also referenced were recent NCHRP reports.NCHRP 845, Advancing Automated and Connected Vehicles: Policy and Planning Strategies for State and Local Transportation Agencies
  4. New Research Solicitation Process
    Goal is to start NETC Research Solicitation Process in November (it is approximately a 15-month process). Can be started with one coordinator and transferred, if needed.The SOP for the start of the process is below. The AC should decide if this is the initial process that should start in November.
    The overall schedule from the past adapted to the next round:
    NOTE: (from August Meeting notes: Consider “Implement recommendations on Effective Establishment of Native Plants on Roadsides” for full research solicitation process) 

    TASK Start End
    Research Problem Statement (RPS) Solicitation 11/15/17 1/15/18
    —RPS with AC for Endorsement 1/15/18 1/31/18
    Literature Search (conducted by Coordinator) 2/1/18 4/1/18
    AC review of lit Search April April
    Ranking of RPSs April meeting April Meeting
    TASK Start End
    Research Problem Statement (RPS) Solicitation 11/15/17 1/15/18
    —RPS with AC for Endorsement 1/15/18 1/31/18
    Literature Search (conducted by Coordinator) 2/1/18 4/1/18
    AC review of lit Search April April
    Ranking of RPSs April meeting April Meeting
    —RPSs selected for funding put on website 5/1/18 5/1/18
    AC provides TC member names 5/1/18 6/1/18
    TC writes SOW 6/1/18 7/15/18
    —deadline for AC to present questions to TC on SOW 7/16/18 8/1/18
    —deadline for TC responses to AC questions on SOW 7/16/18 8/15/18
    AC approves SOW August meeting August Meeting
    RFP Solicitation 9/1/18 10/15/18
    —- deadline for PI to ask questions about SOW -web post 9/1/18 9/21/18
    — deadline for TC to respond to questions – web post 9/1/18 9/30/18
    TC reviews and recommends Proposals 10/15/18 11/15/18
    — TC questions to PI & PI responses 10/15/18 11/1/18
    AC review of recommendations and proposals 11/15/18 1/15/19
    —AC questions to TC on recommendations 11/15/18 12/15/18
    — TC responses to AC on recommendations 11/15/18 1/15/19
    AC final decision on proposals January Meeting January Meeting
    Execute Research Contract with PI 2/1/19 3/31/19
  5. Open Projects (no new updates presented)
    Project # and Title PI, University AC Liaison Update (August) End Date
    06-04: Preventive Maintenance and Timing of Applications Mogawer, UMass Dartmouth C. Franco  PI is working on the poster and fact sheet. We are editing the report for the website.  Complete
    10-3: Low Temperature and Moisture Susceptibility of RAP Mixtures with Warm Mix Technology Mogawer, UMass Dartmouth A. Scholz PI is finalizing the report and scheduling a TAC meeting to receive feedback. 5/31/17
     13-1: Development of High Early-Strength Concrete for Accelerated Bridge Construction Closure Pour Connections  Brena,UMass Amherst  MassDOT  No cost extension fully executed between UVM and UMass Amherst. Project ongoing  12/31/2017(NCE)
     13-2: HMA Mixtures Containing Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS): Low Temperature and Fatigue Performance of Plant-Produced Mixtures  Mogawer,UMass Dartmouth  A. Scholz  PI met with TAC to update them on new work plan to maintain research schedule. More of the mixtures will be produced in the lab because unable to get them from the plants. TAC supported change.  12/1/17
     13-3: Improved Regionalization of Quality Assurance (QA) Functions  Dave,UNH  C. Franco  Working with PI to get final report in NETC format.  4/2/17 (NCE)
     14-1: Measuring the Effectiveness of Competency Models for Job Specific Professional Development of Engineers & Engineering Technicians  Ahmadjian,UMass Amherst D. Peabody  No cost extension fully executed between UVM and UMass Amherst. Project ongoing.  12/31/17 (NCE)
     14-2: Investigation of Northern Long-Eared Bat Roosting Sites on Bridges  Civjan,UMass Amherst D. Peabody  Received final report and final edits and approval from TAC. Inputting final edits.  5/31/17(NCE)
     14-4: Optimizing Future Work Zones in New England for Safety and Mobility  Xie,UMASS Lowell  MassDOT  PI requested and TAC approved NCE to the end of 2017. The PI researching motion simulators and eye tracking devices to improve simulation testing.  12/31/2017 (NCE Requested)
     15-1: Use of Forested Habitat Adjacent to Highways by Northern Long Ear Bats  Foster, UNH  D. Peabody  Held kickoff meeting at UNH. TAC pleased with strategy and PI has received some of the audio data needed from states. PI now has dual appointment at UNH and Northern Arizona University.  11/30/18
     15-2: Using the New SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Safety Databases to Examine Safety Concerns for Older Drivers  Samuel,UMass Amherst  D. Peabody  PI met with TAC to provide update and receive feedback on data collection and hypothesis to test. PI has Roadway Information Data, completed IRB for SHRP2 and expects SHRP2 data in September.  12/31/18
     15-3: Moisture Susceptibility Testing for Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements in New England  Dave,UNH  D. Peabody  PI analyzed survey results from all six states to plan lab tests. Sampled mixtures from VT and ME and expect to sample more this summer. Started to test the mixes that they have.  7/31/18
     15:4 Optimizing Quality Assurance (QA) Processes for Asphalt Pavement Constructionin the Northeast  TBD  A. Scholz  Once report completed will schedule meeting with PI from 13-3 and TAC to review lessons learned from that project to restart this project.  TBD
  6. NETC Fund Balance Update (no new update)
    • All previous fund transfers have been completed
    • FY2016 Fund Balance Transfers – 0.00
    • FY2017 Fund Balance Transfers – Decision deferred, but budgeted by each state
    • NETC Unallocated Balance as of 8/21/2017 – $139,278.00
    • NETC Coordinator funded through 9/1/2018 and limited funding through 2/15/2019 to complete NETC 15 series
  7. Other Business
    • NETC Advisory Meeting Next Monthly Meeting – Tuesday, October 24th at 11am
  8. Adjourn
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