February 24 2015 Advisory Committee Meeting

February 24, 2015 Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda and Documents
Below are links to documents that will be discussed during the meeting. I have starred* all documents that require Advisory Committee approval.

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call
  2. Oct 28*, Nov 18*, Dec 16* and Jan 27* Meeting Minutes
  3. Open Projects Summary Table and Quarterly Reports
    1. NETC 06-4 Ballot*, NCE request
    2. NCE requests for NETC 13-1, 13-2. Waiting on NETC Coordinator’s NCE request.
    3. NETC 14-1 Ballot*, Technical Committee Recommends UMass Proposal be funded
    4. NETC 14-2 Ballot* (new), Technical Committee Recommends UMass Proposal be funded
    5. NETC 14-3 Ballot*, Recommendation from the Technical Committee
    6. NETC 14-4 Ballot*, Scope of Work document for review and approval
    7. Ballots and Contributions
  4. Peer Review of Dr. Azari’s research
  5. New Coordinator RFP
  6. Fund Balance and Transfers
  7. General Updates and Reminders
    1. Update on Action Items
    2. Update on TPF-5(201)
    3. Reminder to send Amanda any implementation of NETC research.
    4. Did everyone meet with Policy Committee members using Memo and Ballot? Still waiting on MA and VT ballots.
  8. Other
    1. New NETC Logo* with better resolution
    2. RPS due date – Jan. 30th.
    3. Outlook meeting invites.
    4. Chairperson
  9. Adjourn
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