April 25, 2017 Advisory Committee Meeting


DATE:                       April 25, 2017

TIME:                        11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

LOCATION:              Conference Call 1-866-906-7447

                                  Participant Access Code 8626283


Call to Order

Open Projects

Project # and Title PI, University

AC Liaison

Update End Date
06-04: Preventive Maintenance and Timing of Applications Mogawer,

UMass Dartmouth

PI provided final report in NETC format and TAC is completing final review. Complete
13-1: Development of High Early-Strength Concrete for Accelerated Bridge Construction Closure Pour Connections Brena,

UMass Amherst


C. Bradley

PI and TAC meet to discuss need for extension and budget increase. The TAC has not yet finalized approval. TBD


13-3: Improved Regionalization of Quality Assurance (QA) Functions Dave,



C. Franco

PI revised final report based on TAC comments. Final report in NETC format expected by the end of the month. PI and TAC will work to identify pilot projects to use tool. 4/2/17 (NCE)
14-1: Measuring the Effectiveness of Competency Models for Job Specific Professional Development of Engineers & Engineering Technicians Ahmadjian,

UMass Amherst

PI requested NCE and TAC has not yet finalized approval for NCE. TBD (NCE requested)
14-2: Investigation of Northern Long-Eared Bat Roosting Sites on Bridges Civjan,

UMass Amherst


D. Peabody

PI provided draft report to TAC for review and edits. Expect final report at the end of May. PI will present results at International Conference on Ecology and Transportation in May. 5/31/17


14-4: Optimizing Future Work Zones in New England for Safety and Mobility Xie,

UMASS Lowell


C. Bradley

PI analyzed about 10 scenarios in VISSIM and virtual reality simulations. PI requested and received additional data from VTTI, but this has delayed data analysis. The PI will discuss an NCE at the next TAC meeting this Wednesday. 7/5/17
15-2: Using the New SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Safety Databases to Examine Safety Concerns for Older Drivers Samuel,

UMass Amherst


D. Peabody

Held meeting to discuss data plan with TAC and FHWA colleagues to receive feedback. PI working with VTTI and Iowa State on data request. 12/31/18
15-3: Moisture Susceptibility Testing for Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements in New England Dave,



D. Peabody

PI has nearly completed the literature review. PI sent survey to identify current practices, experience with moisture damage and projects for 2017 construction season. 7/31/18
*Final Tech Transfer Items:  Currently these include the final report to the TAC; a “Fact Sheet” summary – NETC template; a presentation to the TAC and other interested DOT participants that is recorded by NETC and made available.

NETC “Pre-TAC” Discussion of Research Topics

  • New England roundabouts and Implement recommendations on Effective Establishment of Native Plants on Roadsides
    • Doodle poll to schedule meeting
    • TAC will review research goals, timelines, cost and potential researchers

New England Materials and Research Engineers Meeting

  • MassDOT materials lab in Hopkinton, MA on June 13, 2017
  • NETC Advisory Committee approved sponsorship and anticipated expenses are between $1,100 and $1,575
  • Who will be attending?
  • NETC slot on the agenda present relevant research and brainstorm needs

NETC New England Networks Inventory

  • Please return to Coordination Team

Other Business

  • NETC Program Review In-person meeting to be scheduled for June, most likely last week in June
  • NETC Advisory Meeting Next Monthly Meeting – May 23, 2017, 11 AM – 12 PM
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